Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A fun morning with Grandpop Bill!

Today Grandpop Bill came over and we went to Chuck E. Cheese, it was soooo much fun!
Squeezing between two video games.

Cooper loves wheels, he didn't even need a token on this one!

Whoa! Cooper loves the thrill rides just like his Daddy.

Climbing in the tubes with Grandpop.


Coming down the slide.

A big boy driving game with Grandpop.

Score! Grandpop bought me a balloon!!

After all that playing we needed a snack break.

Bob the Builder ride, can he smile??

Yes, he can!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Today I was trying to climb up into the big comfy chair and I couldn't quite make it. I was making a funny grunting sound so Mommy came over and said "Up, up, up" and gave me a little push. I surprised her and said "up, up"! I am going crazy with this talking thing lately!! Then a little after that she was sitting on the sofa and I was standing next to her. I was being a little rough and dug my elbow into her back. She said "owww" and I thought that sounded pretty funny so I said it too!

Hooray for me!!!

The only other neat thing that happened today was Grandma Donna stopped by after work and brought me a present. It was an Orioles hat!!! I look so cute in it too. Mommy will have to get a picture.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

For those of you keeping track, please add "hat" to the list of words that I have said once and then refused to say again.


Actually, I said hat a couple of times today. Grandma Donna was going through my clothes tonight and I grabbed a hat from the closet and tried to put it on. Grandma said "hat", and I said it right back to her! Then I said it a couple more times just so Mommy would really believe it. I probably won't say it again though, I am not much of a talker :)

This morning we went to the mall with Grandpop Bill. It was lots of fun! Then we went to speech with Quinn, which was a major treat cause I never get to go anymore. No wonder Mommy never takes me, I can't sit still! I was getting into everything at the speech place, but I sure had a great time.

I love it when Grandma Donna comes over and we play in my room. It inspires me to make lots of new sounds and even a new word. Thanks for coming over to play Grandma!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For the last week I have been waking up crying multiple times every night. Mommy didn't know why because most of the time I was exhausted and wouldn't even take a bottle. She figured it must be gas, but didn't know how to help.

Well, Mom .....it wasn't gas, it was my pajamas! On Sunday she noticed my pajamas looked a little too tight so on Monday she put me in a pair of Quinn's pajamas. They fit me perfectly and I slept like a baby all night (where does that term come from anyway? obviously from someone who has never had a baby!) So the cause of my sleeplessness was the killer wedgie my too small pajamas were giving me....who knew?? This is one of those situations where that whole "talking" thing might have helped out.......

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today Great Grandma Berta spent the whole day at our house. She should do that all the time cause I did a lot of talking today! This morning while I was eating breakfast she sat in front of me and kept saying "eat" so I decided to say it too. I said it a couple of times and it was loud and clear. Then at lunch she started saying my name "Cooooo-per", she said it over and over and then I said "Ooooooo-ur"! Now that isn't exactly like saying my name, but I got most of the sounds and the pattern right and I was definately trying to imitate her.

So nobody be surprised when I finally open my mouth to speak and it comes out with a spanish accent, okay? I have also been saying "Mamama" when I am around Mommy and "Dadada" when I am around Daddy lately. I am doing sooooo good!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I got to go to Quinn's school today! I really liked it. I had a great time playing on the playground with the big kids. I really liked going down the slide. At first I would just try and walk right down it and ended up slipping. But even that was fun and I kept cracking up. By the time we were done at the playground I had finally figured out I was supposed to sit down first. I am such a goof. After the playground we went to lunch with Grandpop Bill. I ate a bunch of fries and really enjoyed my chocolate milk.

My new favorite toy is Mr. Potatohead. Today Mommy showed me that he has all these extra pieces in his back! I like to take them all out and line them up on the sofa, then put them back. I get really mad when Quinn tries to take one of my pieces though!